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                "Camp changed by" "two-vote" system to implement the pharmaceutical distribution industry faces reshuffle


                    Pharmaceutical distribution industry or will face a "shuffle." According to March 18 the State Council executive meeting resolutions, starting May 1 this year, the country will be fully open "Camp changed by" ground rules reform program, coupled with the previous "The implementation of two-vote system," the executives set the tone, pharmaceutical distribution industry " "Reconstruction has become" ecological order that clinches it. " This industry analysis, after the system is running, large-scale circulation enterprises of small and medium offices stagnation or alternative commercial companies, in addition to reducing the intermediate links, terminal or drug prices declined.


                   Small and medium sized pharmaceutical distribution company's survival becomes difficult

                    The so-called "Camp changed to increase," is to change the VAT sales tax, which is to reduce the corporate tax burden of major reforms. From May 1 this year, the country will be fully implemented, "Camp changed by" expanded from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hubei and other nine provinces across the country for the pilot. However, the pharmaceutical distribution industry for this reform was "laughing", in accordance with policies and regulations, pharmaceutical distribution industry is transportation category, the applicable tax rate of 5% from the previous adjustment to 11%. This means that in the short term will increase the tax burden related businesses. In addition to "Camp changed to increase", the "two-vote system" set the tone but also to small and medium pharmaceutical distribution company was "a headache." In the drug circulation, the "two-vote system" means: when pharmaceutical companies shipped to pharmaceutical distribution (commercial) company once invoices, pharmaceutical distribution company to drug distribution to the medical institution and then once the invoice. The maximum extent of the implementation of the measures will reduce the flow of drugs intermediate links, reduce distribution costs, drug dealers will become less inflow from the upper flow of small and medium sized pharmaceutical company. General manager of Wuhan Jianmin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. Marketing Center Pei Xuejun believe that if the real implementation of the "two votes" system, market structure adjustment grassroots business will be further accelerated.


                Large-scale circulation enterprises to accelerate distribution in the grass


                    It seems in the industry, whether it is "Camp changed by", or "two votes" system, will have a tremendous impact on the pharmaceutical distribution industry. For large pharmaceutical distribution companies, grassroots pharmaceutical distribution market, "shuffle" has also accelerated the flow of change. For small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies, the "shuffle" is inevitable. After the primary distribution of large enterprises mature, some small and medium pharmaceutical distribution companies may be eliminated, or even "chance of being even mergers are not."

                    Beijing a pharmaceutical consulting center official said, the implementation of "two votes" system, so that small and medium circulation enterprises will increase space narrowing, and "Camp changed to increase" will increase the tax burden on many small and medium circulation enterprises, there will be half of the future distribution companies It will be eliminated, the pharmaceutical distribution industry concentration will also be strengthened, "and after the middle of the wide distribution costs under pressure, drug prices at pharmacies or hospitals future terminal will be different degrees of reduction."

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