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                The first results of the negotiations baked price: three kinds of drugs the maximum decrease of 67%


                Today, the first national drug price negotiation results to the public, including first-line treatment of chronic hepatitis B tenofovir, non-small cell lung cancer targeted therapies Icotinib and gefitinib, a decline of three drugs 55%, 54%, 67%, a decline of more than 50%, with neighboring countries (regions) converge. In addition, the State Planning Commission, Wei also revealed that treat rare disease multiple myeloma lenalidomide (the new US-based pharmaceuticals) the outcome of the negotiations will be announced later.

                This is consistent with previous rumors news. October 2015, the State Council approved, health planning and other 16 ministries (bureau) to establish a drug price negotiations inter-ministerial joint conference system for the selection of the first negotiations to determine the drugs, the establishment of the negotiating team.

                According to reports, the first to enter the broad scope of the drug price negotiations, good clinical results. Tenofovir for the treatment of patients with chronic widespread indications of pregnant women with good security and can be used for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B patients with a variety of drug resistance. Imatinib class targeted drugs can improve the accuracy of the indications in line with non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with prolonged survival. Negotiations pilot made a good start, made important progress and results improved hepatitis B patients with lung cancer drug availability and affordability, people are the biggest beneficiaries.

                At the same time, the drug has to be negotiated into the local medical insurance compliance cost range of areas, to further consolidate and improve the medical insurance system and method of payment; the area has not been determined to get a good grasp of the relevant insurance policy convergence; it is really difficult area, be the first start from serious illness insurance (protection of major diseases).

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