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                Wah Yan imperial elite team development training ended successfully


                To improve the profit center team cohesion, enhance communication and the exchange of market management staff in each area, July 18, organized by the Human Resources Department conducted a training base Laoshan Yangkou development activities. The event invited to tread the company, as well as the high total functional managers to join in.

                Trainees at 9:30 to reach the training base, started a one-day development training. First carried out training projects fell back, through the guidance of coaches, students have successfully passed the challenging project. Participants generally recognized the importance of tacit understanding between each other and mutual trust. Then, welcomed this development training highlight - Tangram project, to challenge all students groups, since morning has established a certain understanding, mutual coordination and cooperation students have achieved good results. At the end of the discussion challenging experiences, active participants in each group Chatteris, share experiences, through the game we all have to realize that a team wants a business efficient operation, it is necessary to clarify the respective positioning, while strengthening the communication between all levels ensure symmetry and effectively communicate information, so as to ensure a clear division of labor and the healthy functioning of the entire team. Then the teacher training base has led us to do a few interesting and little understanding of the test team game, the atmosphere reached a climax, after the training, teacher training base for each student awarded training certificates and posed for pictures with all the participants , oriented training drawing on the successful close.


                Through this training, the distance between them and us a step closer, with more understanding. As sales and marketing staff, most of the time to run around in the busy market, this expansion of training greatly deepened exchanges everyone's feelings and colleagues, after the training we have expressed for this training activity recognized, and look forward to the next Outward Bound held. Through this training, we believe that in the coming days, we will full cooperation, Tongji storm together for the development Wah Yan imperial doctor to make due contributions.

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